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Local 258 IBEW History
Updated On: Apr 97, 2023

At the time of the amalgamation of the BC Electric and the BC Power Commission into the BC Hydro and Power Authority, by legislation in 1961, five IBEW Local Unions held Collective Agreements covering wages and conditions of the employees of these two companies. They were Local Union 213 in the Lower Mainland, Local Union 230 on Vancouver Island, Local Union 344 on the North Coast, Local Union 993 in Kamloops and the Central Interior and Local Union 821 in Vernon.

With the exception of Local Union 821, all of the other IBEW Local Unions held certifications and had Collective Agreements with a number of employers outside of the Utility and manufacturing, contractors, shipyards and others. They still do today.

To speak to BC Hydro with one voice, the various IBEW Local Unions formed into a Utility System Council #27 in 1963. The first council President was Brother W. Isbister (later an International Representative in BC) and the first Business Manager of the Council was Brother Fred Allison.

The Council of IBEW Local Unions met on a regular basis and the Council dealt with negotiations for Hydro Collective Agreements and handled grievances and arbitrations, etc. Notwithstanding the best of intentions, to have five different Local Unions agree on every question of policy is at best a fond ideal. Local Unions in a council continually face conflicts on issues which threaten an individual Local Union’s autonomy.

In 1967 the Utility System Council was disbanded and the members employed with BC Hydro throughout the province were transferred from the various unions into the newly created Local Union 258. As all members of Local Union 821 were employed by BC Hydro, the transfer into Local 258 caused Local Union 821 to cease to exist. All other Local Unions continued to serve their members employed by employers other than BC Hydro. The one exception is Local Union 213, who continues to have in their membership the former employees of the BC Hydro Gas Division.

Since the Charter was issued to Local Union 258 in 1967 (see photocopy), actions of BC Hydro in absorbing the East Kootenay Power and Light Company, Northern Light and Power Company, the Municipal or City Utilities of Kimberly, Cranbrook and Revelstoke have further caused transfer of members of other IBEW Local Unions into Local 258.

Broadening Our Scope

Since 1967 the jurisdiction of Local Union 258 has been expanded by the International President to include utility and line clearance tree trimming (with the exception of work presently in the jurisdiction of Local Unions 213, 230 and 1003), outside line construction (1988), traffic control and electrical equipment service and electrical manufacturing work (except that work in the jurisdiction of Local 230), all within the province of British Columbia.

IBEW Local Union Charter

IBEW Local Union 258 operates a Charter granted by the International Office dated April 1, 1967. Article XIII of the IBEW Constitution lists the provisions for granting Charters to Local Unions. The International Vice President has the authority to change jurisdiction and/or territory covered by a Charter to suspend or revoke a Charter if, in his/her judgment, circumstances warrant such action.

Local Union 258 Charter was issued to the following “Charter Members” who, at the time the Charter was issued, were members of Local Unions who held Collective Agreements with British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority. Their IBEW Local Unions were 213, 230, 344, 821 and 993.


John H. Waplington, Clifford C. Moore, Robert E. Lee, John E. Waterston, W. Van Norman, C.G. Wills, Charles E. Sumpton, J. Gallie, Harry E. Ross, Herbert H. Tripp, D. McCall, Robert M. Prentice, Stanley T. Reed, J.C. Carr, L.G. Udell, John P. Heibert, G.F. Smith, William J. Bailey, Charles E. Topp

History of Local 258 IBEW Officers and Unit Chairs

Since the Local 258 IBEW Charter was granted in 1967, the following members have served or are serving as Elected Officers, and we thank them for their commitment and service to Local 258 IBEW:

BUSINESS MANAGER/FINANCIAL SECRETARY: Jock Waterston, Doug Cronk, Art O’Keefe, Bob Peel, Gerry Bramhill, John McGraw, Doug McKay, Cody Gatzke

PRESIDENT: Tom Forkin, Bob Lundy, Jack Davies, John McGraw, Rod Byrnell, Doug McKay, Michelle Laurie, Tony Brand, Dave McMinn, Kevin Duchak 

VICE PRESIDENT: Bob Lundy, Joe Mullin, Cal Pritchett, Dick Gable, Fred Allison, Chuck MacKenzie, Rod Byrnell, Dave McMinn, Trevor Williams, Jim Greenwell 

TREASURER: Stan Reed, Phil Bartlett, Rick Klassen, Larry Byhre 

RECORDING SECRETARY: John Moffat, Bob Peel, Gabe Hill, John Hiebert, Warren Byrnell, Doug Henning, Leon Arishenkoff, Dale Haines, Mike McMinn, Karen Porter 

Since the Local 258 IBEW Charter was granted in 1967, the following members have served or are serving as Unit Chairs, and we thank them for their commitment and service to Local 258 IBEW:

UNIT 1: Terry McNeice, Ben Freeman, Ray Clifford, Don Gillanders, Andy Anderson, Klaus Kraft, Cory Higgins

UNIT 2: Cal Pritchett, Al Beeson, Len Dorval, Warren Kilpatrick, Jim Orser, Ed Cline, Donald McLennan, Dave McMinn, Gerry Pope, Steve Way, Lianne Bunting 

UNIT 3: Ray Eiklor, Lou Udell, Bob Riddell, Robin Salter, Leon Arishenkoff, Lorne Kidd, Colin Kenney, Trevor Williams, Dean Kotaras 

UNIT 4: Dick Gable, Bill Ritchie, Sam Cassler, Jack Little, Harry Cossey, Fred Hogman, Wayne Soroka, Tom Greenwell, Lloyd Clark 

UNIT 5: Al Spencer, Bob Morrison, Harry Klassen, Roy Cowell, Jim Petrie, Gord Hiebert, Jim Orser, Mark Davison, Cathy Tagseth, Mike McMinn 

UNIT 6: Neil Clarke, Blair McMinn, Ben Bittner, Murray MacDonald, Dale Haines, Bob Abernethy, Karen Porter, Chris Carter, Rob Munro, Dayna Gill, Rachel Allan, Jordan Flanagan 

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